Discussing The Weigh Down Diet and Remnant Fellowship

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In 1999, the Tennessee sect led by Gwen Shamblin and calling itself the Remnant Fellowship emerged and immediately became a source of profound controversy and division in the lives of thousands across America due to its abusive and cultic character. The Tent Of Meeting is a place dedicated to facilitating constructive discussion and interaction between the members of the Remnant and those who have been adversely affected by it. Many others are actively calling for Remnant membership to heed the red flags of serious aberrance now hidden in plain sight among the outposts of the Remnant Nation. SPIRITWATCH MINISTRIES HAS NO CONTROL OVER THE BANNER ADS YOU MAY SEE IN THIS FORUM.

To reach directly the Reverend Rafael Martinez, board administrator and owner, click on his profile name (Rev Rafael Martinez) for an email link.

Discussing The Weigh Down Diet and Remnant Fellowship

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